Adam Sandler speaks on his friendship with Jennifer Aniston

Adam Sandler can always rely on Jennifer Aniston and knows that she will do the same for him.

At the premier of Murder Mystery 2 on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Sandler praised his costar and close friend for their killer performance and unique ability to bring ease and comfort with their words.

He mentioned how they always "know what to say" and "know how to calm down”.

Jennifer Aniston revealed that she and Adam Sandler have a natural chemistry between them - built on mutual trust and the expectation of having a great time when together.

Aniston and Sandler first teamed up to star in the romantic comedy Just Go With It (2011) before joining forces once again for Netflix's original Murder Mystery (2019)

where they played a married couple who find themselves tangled in the middle of a baffling whodunit.

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