Bob Odenkirk's Life Transformed By 2021 Heart Attack

After the extraordinary success of the Emmy-winning series Better Call Saul, actor and father of 22-year-old Erin, is ready to take a break before tackling his next project, Lucky Hank.

His latest endeavour is to write an captivating children's book together with his daughter. With this project he hopes to share his creative vision with a new audience.

Bob Odenkirk said, "I'm trying to be more present and to make some space in my life because when you race from one thing to the next you deprive yourself of the fun of the experience."

In July 2021, Odenkirk experienced a life-threatening situation while shooting scenes for Saul. He suddenly had a severe heart attack that could have been fatal

He remembers nothing of the fateful event, when his heart ceased to beat and medical professionals rushed him to a clinic in Albuquerque.

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