Darcey & Stacey brought new beginnings and fresh challenges

Darcey Silva stumbled upon a promising new romance after she was left waiting by her planned date.

She felt a delightful sensation throughout her body as soon as she met her potential suitor, her heart filled with joy and her stomach tingling all over.

Darcey Silva went back to Connecticut to assist Aniko in preparing for college. On their final outing to a trampoline park, she told her daughters that things with Cicero "didn't really turn out as planned".

The three of them packed their bags and headed off to Arizona, determined to get Aniko settled into her dorm.

Darcey eagerly shared all the tips and tricks she'd learned over the years - but when she suggested they could make eggs in the microwave.

It ended up producing a smell that was less than pleasant, leaving the room smelling like "a bunch of farts."

Before parting from Aniko, Darcey's eyes moistened and he encouraged her, "Don't make the same mistakes I did, because I'm certain that you can do better."

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