Robert Pattinson fell on Bed with Kristen Stewart

The once famous "Robsten" couple, consisting of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, made headlines when they started dating while shooting for the Twilight movie.

The sparks were instantly evident when Kristen and Robert encountered each other on the sets for the very first time.

As the cameras rolled, the Twilight director was so sure of the actors' electric connection that she cautioned Robert Pattinson to remain platonic with Kristen Stewart.

During their audition, the director remembered when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart performed a passionate kissing scene on her bed, only for him to fall off in the process.

Despite becoming one of the most iconic couples in the showbiz industry, this one moment has stayed with the director ever since.

During an interview on The Big Hit Podcast, Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight, shared how she assessed the chemistry between Pattinson and Stewart as part of their audition, by testing it out in her own bed.

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