Who is The Last of Us Ellie?

The Last of Us debuted on the 15th of January, 2023 to widespread critical acclaim. Critics praised its performances, writing, production design, and score; some went as far as to call it the best ever adaptation of a video game.

In Last of Us Bella Ramsey is playing the role of Ellie. Ellie is a teenage girl who outwardly expresses a lot of hostility and aggression, yet inwardly yearns for a sense of connection and community.

Her innate joy and ability to make connections with young minds is still intact, and her taste for wordplay remains strong. She is unaffected by the virus and could be the answer to stemming its spread - a hope for immunization.

In keeping with the games' narrative, Ellie is a lesbian. Over a hundred potential actors were evaluated for the role; the producers looked for an actress who could convincingly portray a resilient, offbeat, and potentially aggressive character.

Ellie wore a chest binder for most of the time during production to stay focused on set. Ashley Johnson acted out the role of Ellie in the video games.

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