Tyga gifted $80,000 Diamond Necklace to Avril Lavigne

Tyga has reportedly purchased an extravagant $80,000 diamond necklace for Avril Lavigne, seemingly confirming their much-speculated new romance.

The exquisite piece of jewelry boasts a custom-made design, guaranteeing it to be incredibly unique.

The acclaimed artist behind the hit "Rack City" recently bestowed an extravagant gift upon the renowned singer of "Sk8er Boi", gifting them with a beautiful, custom-made necklace from Mavani & Co Jewelry.

Eric Mavani, the founder of Mavani & Co Jewelry, reveals that their pieces are adorned with 50 carats of white and black diamonds, along with the addition of beautiful pink sapphires.

The necklace featured on Instagram shows off multiple pendants, headlined by two letter "A"s overlapping a pink heart.

But that's not all - two skulls and crossbones are also decked with pink ribbons, making the piece really stand out. And to cap it off, Avril Lavigne's first name takes pride of place at the front of the necklace.

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