What is Cheat on Netflix?

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A new quiz show released to Netflix on March 1, 2023! With 12 episodes to enjoy, it's sure to be an exciting series.

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The Cheat series is produced with the help of a studio audience, created by Giles Boden, Laura Gibson, and Charlie Bennett. Executive producers Jamie Rea and Jonno Richards are at the helm of the show.

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Dyer and Ellie Taylor, two beloved British television personalities, host the hit show Cheat.

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Rules and prize of Cheat show

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Four challengers come together in each episode of Cheat Show, ready to use their wits and bluffing skills to outsmart the competition. Three rounds of testing will challenge their knowledge, and only the cleverest minds can survive without being eliminated.

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The winner get jackpot of over £50,000. The one thing they have to do, is not get caught.

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