Who is Ramona Agruma? Everything you need to know

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 Agruma who is a founder of Lemon Ve Limon, Los Angeles-based clothing brand, as stated in her Instagram biography.

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 Agruma founded Lemon Ve Limon, a fashion company dedicated to providing comfortable, affordable clothing options. Going back even further, Agruma was the creative director and driving force behind DeLys, a luxury jewelry company she started in 2013.

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She's a brand ambassador for luxury jewelry company Bee Goddess, and her work has caught the eye of celebrities like Hailee Steinfeld, Gwen Stefani, and Madonna. Her jewelry pieces can be seen on the red carpet and all over social media.

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On June 9, 2022, the 42-year-old Australian actress proudly took to her social media to announce to the world that she was dating Ramona Arguma, a woman she lovingly referred to as her "Disney Princess".

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Rebel Wilson has just shared the exciting news of her engagement to her girlfriend Ramona Agruma! She shared a photo showcasing her stunning diamond ring and expressing her joy at getting engaged.

Rebel Wilson stunned everyone when she revealed on Sunday that she and her partner Ramona Agruma had gotten engaged. The news came as a huge shock to fans of the actor and comedienne.

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