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Mikki Koomar Height, Weight, Date of Birth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend and More

Mikki Koomar is an Indian international model, actor, producer, entrepreneur, martial artist, philanthropist, and influential celebrity. He was awarded the Bharat Ratan Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam award as the International Icon by the Government of India and received an honorary doctorate from St. Mother Teresa University in Australia.

Mikki Koomar has a significant online presence with over 3.5 million Instagram followers. He excels not only in his professional achievements but also in his philanthropic endeavours. Mikki Koomar’s diverse talents and global influence make him an inspiring figure, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.

Birth & Family

Mikki Koomar was born on 20 February 1989 in Mumbai, Maharashtra and hails from a family deeply rooted in the arts and activism. His father Dr. Rram Sagar, transitioned from being a theatre actor and writer to becoming an interior decorator in the Indian film industry. His mother, Dr. Urrmila, is a dedicated housewife and passionate social activist.

As the eldest of four siblings, Mikki Koomar’s family boasts an impressive lineage of achievers. His sister, Dr. Durgaa Koomar, follows in their mother’s footsteps as a successful professor and social activist. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Dr. Rocky Koomar, earned recognition as the youngest entrepreneur in India, receiving the Indian Achiever Award at the Constitution Club of India in Delhi. This esteemed honour was presented by Manoj Tiwari, the Delhi BJP President, Member of Parliament, and actor.


Completing the talented family is Mikki Koomar’s sibling, Mr. Rrahul Koomar, an accomplished athlete. Notably, he has secured a state-level chess boxing gold medal for the nation, showcasing his prowess and dedication in his chosen field.


Real NameMikki Koomar
ProfessionActor, Producer, Entrepreneur, Martial Artist and Philanthropist
Date of Birth20 February 1989
Age35 Years
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra
Home TownMumbai, Maharashtra
FamilyMother: Dr. Urrmila
Mikki Koomar with his Mother Dr. Urrmila
Father: Dr. Rram Sagar
Mikki Koomar’s Father Dr. Rram Sagar
Sister: Dr. Durgaa Koomar
Mikki Koomar with his Sister Durgaa Koomar at her Marriage
Brother: Dr. Rocky Koomar
Mikki Koomar with his brother Dr. Rocky Koomar
Rrahul Koomar
Mikki Koomar with his younger brother Rrahul Koomar
Wife: Not Available
AddressMumbai, Maharashtra
Mikki Koomar


Mikki Koomar’s educational journey led him to the esteemed Thakur College of Science and Commerce in Mumbai, where he honed his academic skills. However, it was in the world of martial arts that he first made waves. At the tender age of 12, Mikki achieved national recognition by clinching the gold medal in the 10th all-India International Itosukai Shotokan Cup karate championship in 2002. His remarkable achievements caught the attention of Saamana, a highly respected newspaper.

Mikki secured a silver medal in the all-India full-contact karate championship that same year. In 2003, he added to his growing list of accolades by earning two medals, one for his exceptional kata performance and another in the Kumite competition at the Gensei-ryu Seidokai International Karate-Do Federation.

Notably, Mikki’s talent and dedication shone through at just 16 years old when he emerged victorious in the national-level all-India karate tournament. The Navbharat Times, a renowned newspaper, documented his triumph, solidifying his rising reputation. His proficiency in both kata and kumite earned him medals at the 15th national world Funakoshi Shotokan karate championship in 2004.

Driven by a passion for martial arts, Mikki made the decision to further his training in Bangkok. During his time there, he achieved a gold medal in the national-level Full Contact Fight Tournament. Additionally, he gained valuable experience as an assistant fight choreographer and assistant action director in various Thai and Korean movies. Furthering his expertise, he attained the 3rd Dan black belt in Korean taekwondo arts from the esteemed Kukkiwon International Headquarters in Korea.

Mikki’s dedication to his craft led him to explore new avenues, as he actively participated as a fighter in an underground fight club in Bangkok. These experiences, coupled with his impressive martial arts achievements, contributed to his well-rounded skill set and paved the way for his future endeavours.

Mikki Koomar's Kukkiwon Taekwondo Arts Training


Mikki has had a remarkable journey filled with accomplishments and accolades in various fields. He began his career as a dance choreographer and lead dancer, captivating audiences with his skills in freestyle Bollywood and Western hip-hop genres. His talents caught the attention of international fashion designers when he participated in the Indian Male Model competition, ultimately winning the Indian Male Model 2013 title. This victory opened doors for him to become the brand ambassador for German and African fashion brands, and he was invited to showcase his talents at India’s prestigious Lakme Fashion Week.

While pursuing his acting diploma at Actor Prepares under the guidance of renowned actor Anupam Kher, Mikki had the opportunity to work with Bollywood legend, celebrity photographer, and film director Mr. Jayesh Sheth.

Mikki Koomar at Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares

In 2015, he ventured into the United States, where he partnered with a sportswear brand. Mikki later relocated to Brazil in 2016 to explore opportunities as an actor and producer. His talents transcended borders, and he received an invitation to the Argentina Fashion Week, where he also learned the art of tango in Buenos Aires, becoming a certified tango dancer from Argentina.

Mikki’s international presence continued to expand as he was selected as an international model and prominent figure for CMG Paris Fashion Week. This led to an official international photoshoot in Paris for an American brand, which resulted in his feature in an American fashion magazine. Embracing his role as a brand ambassador, Mikki became associated with a French brand in Paris and received an invitation from Italy to attend the Rome International Film Festival and work on a theatre play.

His achievements garnered recognition, and he was felicitated with India’s prestigious “Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award” and “Indian Achievers Award” as an International Icon, as well as the “Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam Award” by the former President. Mikki’s fame extended to the UAE, where he graced the cover page of a fashion magazine, and he also became the cover page personality for an entrepreneur platform magazine in the USA.

In addition to his flourishing career, Mikki’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Xtreme Entertainment Production Private Limited and found the United Nexus Organisation, where he serves as the international president. He was appointed as the International Chief General Commissioner at the National Institute of Scientific Police in Colombia, showcasing his commitment to law enforcement.

Further diversifying his endeavours, Mikki joined forces with BGIL Films and Technologies Limited, a BSE-listed company known for its film production and distribution. He has engaged in multiple film projects, including the upcoming international film “LEO,” which is set to be a groundbreaking action film. His dedication to the craft led him to become the International Chief Commissioner General at Colombia’s National Institute of Scientific Police.

Throughout his journey, Mikki has been appointed as brand ambassador, peace ambassador, cultural ambassador, and international ambassador for various organizations and companies worldwide. His commitment to sustainable fashion has led him to produce a sustainable fashion film, which will be showcased at COP 28, the Cannes International Film Festival, and prestigious fashion weeks around the world.

Mikki’s passion for dance led him to establish his own dance institute in 2008, where he served as a dance choreographer and lead dancer for national and international shows. He has leveraged his company, United Nexus Production, to promote the Indian entertainment industry and technologies globally.

Mikki Koomar’s accomplishments have earned him numerous honorary doctorates and worldwide recognition. He has proven himself to be a multifaceted individual with expertise in infrastructure, innovation, event management, global business development, media management, and international cinema. As the International Ambassador to various organizations and the Governor of Boracay Beach Inc. Group of Companies, Mikki continues to make an impact on a global scale.

Physical Stats and More

HeightIn Feet: 5′ 10″ ft
In Meter: 1.77 m
WeightIn Pound: 176 lbs
In Kilogram: 80 Kg
Body ShapeChest: 44 inches
Waist: 30 inches
Biceps: 16 inches
Eye ColourLight Brown
Hair ColourBlack
HobbiesSky diving, Paragliding, Bungee jumping, Horse riding, Underwater swimming etc

Awards & Achievements

Mikki was bestowed with the prestigious Bharat Ratan Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam award as the International Youth Icon. The grand ceremony took place at the Governor’s House in India, where the Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, along with the Central Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Shri Ramdas Athawale, presented the award to Dr. Koomar.

Mikki Koomar was awarded the Bharat Ratan Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

With an illustrious career and numerous accomplishments, Dr. Mikki Koomar stands as a symbol of excellence and achievement. As the chairman and managing director of Xtreme Industries and Xtreme Entertainment Production Private Limited, he has made significant contributions to the business and entertainment industries. Xtreme Entertainment Production, established in 2009 and incorporated as a private company in 2012, has gained recognition as an associate of the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association.

Furthermore, Dr. Koomar is the founder and international chairman of the United Nexus Organization, a renowned international humanitarian organization. His dedication to humanitarian causes has earned him accolades from various organizations, including the World Universal Hapkido Organization, which recognized his contributions to science, culture, education, literature, creativity, journalism, humanism, human rights, and the preservation of peace worldwide.

In the realm of modelling, Dr. Mikki Koomar has achieved remarkable success. He was honoured with the Bharat Global Icon Award as the top international model in the United States of America. Additionally, he graced the cover page of the prestigious American magazine “Entrepreneur Platform” in 2020, solidifying his presence as a prominent figure in the industry.

The academic world has also acknowledged Dr. Koomar’s outstanding achievements. St. Mother Teresa University, accredited by JBR Harvard in the United States and affiliated with the Cambridge Distance School of Education in the UK, awarded him an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Doctor of Letters for Digital Educational Excellence and Sustainable Development. Moreover, the Instituto Teologico de Missao an Ultima Trombeta (ITMUT) in Brazil honoured him with an honorary doctorate in creativity, humanity, and international culture.

The list of accolades bestowed upon Dr. Mikki Koomar continues, with notable recognition from institutions such as the Nelson Mandela Peace University, Vivekananda World Peace Foundation, Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award, and the Indian Achievers Award as an International Youth Icon. His contributions as a brand ambassador, international representative, and honorary member of various organizations have further solidified his global influence.

Mikki Koomar awarded the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence award as the International Icon

Dr. Koomar’s dedication to noble causes extends to his involvement with humanitarian services, peace initiatives, and diplomatic events. He is affiliated with organizations such as the World International Economic Group, the Committee on World United Nations, and the Malaysian International Hair and Beauty Association, among others. His impact as an ambassador for human rights, peace, and international cooperation has been recognized worldwide.

As Dr. Mikki Koomar continues to accumulate accolades, his commitment to excellence, compassion, and humanitarian efforts remains unwavering. His contributions to various fields have garnered him respect and admiration from renowned personalities, dignitaries, and organizations across the globe.

Some Facts About Mikki Koomar

  • At the age of 12, he made headlines, after winning the national-level gold medal in the 10th all India International Itosukai Shotokan Cup karate championship in 2002. His achievements were published in one of the most reputed newspapers, Saamana.
Mikki Koomar on Saamana
  • He bagged a silver medal in the all-India full contact karate championship in 2002. He won two medals, one for kata performance and the second one is in Kumite competition in the Gensei-ryu Seidokai International Karate-Do Federation in 2003.
Mikki Koomar in the Gensei-ryu Seidokai International Karate-Do Federation in 2003
  • Mikki’s influence transcends the entertainment industry, with over 3.5 million Instagram followers and a significant presence on various social media platforms. He has collaborated with esteemed Royal Houses, corporate companies, arts and cultural associations, sports associations, humanitarian organizations, chambers of commerce, and renowned business communities.
  • Recognized as an international celebrity, Mikki proudly represents India in over 100 countries worldwide, solidifying his status as a global business tycoon.
  • Mikki has trained in Shotokan Karate-Do and Korean Taekwondo Arts, earning black belts and working as a fighter in an underground fight club in Bangkok. He has also contributed to the film industry as an assistant fight choreographer and assistant action director in Thai and Korean movies.
  • When he was just 16 years old that was the 2nd time he appeared in the news, after winning the national-level gold medal in the all-India karate tournament, which was published in one of the most reputed newspapers, the Navbharat Times. He won 2 medals, one for kata performance and the second for kumite competition, in the 15th national world Funakoshi Shotokan karate championship in 2004.
Mikki Koomar in Bangkok - Thailand
  • His hobbies include sky diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, horse riding, underwater swimming, skiing, jet skiing, bodyboarding, and jacuzzi bath.
  • His role models are Tom Cruise, Elon Musk, Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson.
  • He does daily exercise, dancing, gymming, and gymnastics to maintain his fitness.
  • He follows a non-vegetarian diet.
  • He is fluent in Hindi, English, and Portuguese.
  • His blood group is B+.
  • He does not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol.
  • He has a pet dog.

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