How to Vote for American Idol 21: By Text and Online (2023)

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Voting is now in America’s hands for the American Idol! Make sure your favorite contestant advances by voting on, the American Idol app, or by text.

Cast your ballot and join in on the show’s outcome! Every vote counts and can help to rally the support for your favorite competitors.

With your collective voice, you can make a difference in who makes it to the grand finale. So don’t hesitate – get out and cast your vote American Idol fans! Help make this season an even bigger success than ever before.

When does voting for American Idol begin?

The voting for the contestant will begin after the performance on the stage. Your votes determine which contestants move on to the Top 20 round, as well as who makes it through each week and who ultimately is crowned the next American Idol.

How many times can I vote?

There is a limit of 10 votes per contestant per method each episode.


For example, if you want to vote for a given contestant – you could submit: up to ten (10) votes for that contestant on, up to ten (10) votes for that contestant on the American Idol app and up to ten (10) votes for that contestant via text message, for a total of up to thirty (30) votes for that contestant across all voting methods that week.

How to vote for the American Idol winner for season 21?

This year, you can vote in the American Idol voting system through 3 methods:

  2. American Idol app
  3. texting

vote at ‘’

Voting for your favorite contestant on American Idol is easy! All you have to do is go to and register. Log in and click on the artist of your choice, assign them a number of votes (up to 10) and hit ‘Save’. Remember to save every time you enter or update your votes!

vote using the American Idol App

If you’d like to watch highlights and cast votes for American Idol, just download the official app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

 Create an account and sign in, and then click “Go to Vote Now”. Select the contestant you’d like to cast your vote for, assign the number of votes you wish to give, and click “Save”.

Vote through Text

To vote for your favorite contestant on American Idol, text their voting number to 21523. You can find the numbers during tonight’s performances.

Note that there may be data and message fees associated with texting.

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