Who is Will Harrison? The actor playing Graham Dunne in ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’

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Will Harrison is an American actor.  He became popular for his role in the hit TV series Daisy Jones & The Six, and has since appeared in numerous other shows, including Madam Secretary, In Arms and It’s Perfect Here.

His remarkable acting skills have allowed him to thrive in the industry and become a well-known figure in the TV and film industry. Harrison has been working in the entertainment industry for seven years and has already earned a dedicated fanbase.

Birth & Early Life

On August 21, 1996, Will Harrison was born in Ithaca, New York and shortly afterwards his family moved to Hadley, Massachusetts. He was the youngest among two children, who had a very eventful upbringing throughout his childhood.

After graduating high school, Will applied to Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and was accepted.

TV Shows & Movies

Will Harrison’s journey in the acting world began with the help of his sister Tess, who wrote and directed the Short ‘Dog’ where Will made his debut. This was followed by another Short ‘It’s Perfect Here’ which was also directed by Tess and where they appeared in a brother and sister role. His Shorts were making their way to festivals and in 2015, It’s Perfect Here even made it to the Raindance Film Festival. In the next two years, he went on to feature in two more Shorts namely Venefica and In Arms respectively.


In 2019, Will finally secured his first television role as an actor in the popular series ‘Madam Secretary’. Unfortunately, his role was nothing more than a cameo appearance and offered him nothing in terms of fame. But 3 years later in 2022, this changed with the movie ‘This Is a Film About My Mother’. Directed by Will’s sister again, the film saw him and Tess playing the roles of Max and his older sister. Although he had made a lot of appearances as an actor, Will was yet to get a role that could provide him a platform to exhibit his talent.

Finally, in 2020, Will secured a lead role in Prime Video’s TV series ‘Dai Jones & The Six Hea’ where he starred as Graham Dunne. In this series, he played the key character of Billy Dunne’s younger brother, who is also the lead guitarist in the band. As the story progresses, Graham finds himself developing an intimate relationship with Karen Sirko, the keyboardist of the band.

Personal Life

Will Harrison is not married, but he is in a relationship with Sarah Pidgeon. They met while studying at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and have been together since then. Sarah has an impressive acting resume and has made appearances on The Wilds, Gotham and One Dollar. It is unclear if Will has dated anyone else before Sarah.

Ethnicity & Family

Will Harrison is an American of ethnic and nationality backgrounds, with parents called John and Janine. No further information on their occupations is available. His sister is called Tess Harrison, who is pursuing a career in acting, directing and writing. He has no other known siblings.

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